Supernatural ....

تنها چیزی که در این دنیای فیزیکی ماورائ الطبیعست موسیقیه

Memories of Another World

Where I come from the time does not exist
Seconds become hours,
The years flew short time soon
And misleading our words are replaced
Through music and colors
That float like perfume through the air amber

"No more fear, now everything is over
Break the chains of your fears by death
and be free forever
And return to the quiet past.
No more fear, now everything is over
Let your tears flow once more
be free forever
And join the world where you came from. "


دور دنیا رو هم بزنی کار اولو آخر بکنی یا برعکس باز میفهمی باید میرفتی دنبال علاقت

چیزی مشترک بین روح انسان و طبیعت وجود دارد